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We are passionate about supporting projects that give back to the HK community that has given us so much. Whether diving for fundraising or a charity wanting to collaborate, we’d love to hear from you.


Our team are qualified to aid new and existing divers with varying physical and mental challenges abilities and apply adaptive teaching techniques to provide them with specialised schedules and procedures so that they may too share in the joys of diving.



If your company is looking to increase your Corporate Social Responsibility, we can help. CSR helps build trust, raise awareness and encourages social change within an organisation. We make ongoing, concerted efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and promote environmental protection, and we can help introduce you existing initiatives, or help create exciting new projects.


 Whether it be philanthropic efforts, teaming you up to a charitable cause, supporting and organising beach cleanups, marine ecology education, we have you covered. As important as CSR is to your company, it is equally valuable to the community you serve.

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