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Go off the beaten track to explore new sites across Hong Kong and try new

things! These dive days are designed for the more adventurous diver.

Lead by Sai Kung Scuba’s instructors and divemasters each dive is different, you will encounter different circumstances and different wildlife.

We charter dive speed boats for this special Scuba Safari dive day.


This is a special itinerary for divers who always wanted to experience something unique in Hong Kong - wreck diving in the far eastern part of the territory.


We travel to lesser travelled sites in Hong Kong, such as Double Haven, Breaker Reef and Victor Rock, as well as several wrecks sunk by the government in the 80ies and 90ies as artificial reefs.

Read more about it here


The wrecks are all at a depth of 8-16m and can be dived with recreational certifications.

These trips are available between March and September.


HKD1000 including unlimited tanks, weights, lunch

HKD150 divemaster (if it is your first time diving the wrecks we suggest a divemaster)



Full rental HKD 200

BCD & Reg HKD 150


Computer HKD 100

Compass HKD 70

Torch HKD 70

Add Enriched Air Specialty HKD900

(1 x Nitrox Tank + E-Learning 

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