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Introduce your kids (8-10) to Scuba

Give your kids a new experience - let them learn to scuba dive! In the safety of a pool a PADI Professional will teach them basics of scuba diving and get them the experience of a life time.

Children will get a basic introduction on how to use scuba equipment, how to clear a regulator and mask, breathe underwater and and fin kick.

Who knows, they might even encounter some wild animals on their adventure.

During the course they will dive in water shallower than 2 metres/ 6 feet, under the direct supervision of our experienced PADI Pro diver.

Extension - Seal Team

Once your kids have mastered the basics and feel comfortable they can start on their Seal Team specialties. Your kids will take part in more advance manoeuvres such as buoyancy, navigation, and environmental awareness.

Certification & Take-Aways

At the end our newly minted Bubblemakers will receive a certificate, a logbook, a towel and some little gifts from PADI.

Our next Bubblemaker Day is on the 30th October 2020.

Check out the details on our facebook event.

If you are interested please contact us


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