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Join us to Eastern Dam

Saturday 26th October we have a special trip planned. We are heading out to Eastern Dam, one of the most exciting dives in Hong Kong.

The breakwater is a huge wall of wave cement wave breakers that have been poured into the water to protect the actual Eastern Dam from waves and wind.

These structures create and amazing underwater city. The huge breakwater "dolosses" are like giant T and H shapes of reinforced cement which can way up to 80t!!!

We dive along these structures and along the sand below which is the habitat of many interesting sea creatures like crabs, cuttlefish, octopus, striped barracuda and stingrays. There have even been sightings of frogfish and blue-ringed octopus here.

After the first dive we will enjoy our delicious lunch catered by Momentai and then we will do a second dive on a different section ofg the wall.

If you are interested please contact us

Price for two tanks, weights, deluxe catering and free soft drinks (and adult drinks for adults)

HKD 550 for self guided divers

HKD 650 with an experienced divemaster - recommended if you are new to diving or new to HK diving.

HKD350 non-divers and snorkelers

Rental: HKD200 full set, HKD150 BCD & Reg only

Extras: HKD100 dive computer, HKD50 compass, HKD50 torch


Refresher course with a PADI Pro - HKD650

Nitrox course HKD800

Secure your spot by paying via one of the payment ways


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