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What a day AND night - Pak Lap and Little Palm Beach

Pak Lap - 3rd October 2020

We were headed out to Tsim Chau but wind and waves didnt look good once we passed the "Gate". While all other boats turned around we gambled a bit and tried for Pak Lap - with great success.

Spotted Moray Eel - by Andy Cornish

Once we anchored we got the big surprise. The water was really clear. What a lucky decision to come here.

All the teams had interesting interactions. Amongst the usual where scorpion fish, moray eels, clownfish and damsel fish.

Glass Shrimp - by Aimee 'T Hooft
Scorpionfish - By Andy Cornish

As special highlight one team found a rare spotted moray that even Andy Cornish, Author of "Reef Fishes on Hong Kong" had not encountered yet. So even our most experienced guest of the day was delighted!

The weather was kind and we had sun all day. On the way back everyone was in a great mood. Some due to our selection of craft beers by Momentai, others in anticipation of the night dive.


After a hearty dinner at Momentai we headed out to Little Palm beach. We had heard that the night diving would get us good interactions especially with our tentacled friends the cephalopods.

And did this site deliver! We had interactions with several cuttlefish, squid and as a special highlight an octopus in a jar!!

And finally we had two of our regulars finish their Advanced Course - congratulations Claire and Nicholas!

What a day.

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